Final Fantasy 7 is the first game of the Final Fantasy 7 "series".As the name suggests,it is the seventh game in the numbered Final Fantasy series.Although only three Final Fantasy games were released before in western countries,it still had the number 7 in the name of the game.

Final Fantasy 7's US cover

This game was the first Final Fantasy game to be released on a Playstation system,rather than on a Nintendo console before it.The game has 3 game discs.Final Fantasy 7 was the first game to be in 3D,with the exception of the pre-rendered maps.It also was the first Final Fantasy game to have FMVs.

Final Fantasy 7 is the most popular and best selling Final Fantasy game up to date,(As of 2014)and is up to Final Fantasy 8 and Final Fantasy 13.It has also gotten much positive reception,and many call it the most influencial RPG.

It also saw a release on Windows PCs,which was another first for the Final Fantasy series.