The Sony Playstation One(Other names includes PS1,PSone,and PSX,and Playstation 1.)is Sony's first video games console.Final Fantasy 7 was the first Final Fantasy game to be on the console.Soon,more games followed like Final Fantasy 8,Final Fantasy 9,Final Fantasy Tactics,and other Final Fantasy games.

It was the first 3D console to use CD-roms to contain better and bigger games than on a cartridge.Do to the console using CD-roms,Final Fantasy 7 and many RPGs were able to be huge games with the space of the disc and the addition of multiple discs.

The Sony Playstation One was a big success for Sony and soon came after the PS1 was the Sony Playstation 2,Playstation 3,Playstation Portable,Playstation 4,and the PS Vita.


First version of the console.

Final Fantasy Games

Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 8

Final Fantasy 9

Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Chronicles

Final Fantasy Collection

Final Fantasy Anthology

Final Fantasy Orgins