The Sony Playstation 2(Other names include PS2 and simply Playstation 2)is the 2nd console made by Sony.(although the failed PSX dosen't count it was more of a DVD player,and only released in Japan.)It is the successor to the successful Sony Playstation One.

As of 2014,the PS2 is the best selling video games console in the world,selling over 115 million units worldwide.It was home to many games of different genres,including Final Fantasy games.The console supports 3D and 2D graphics.One of the many selling-points of the PS2 was that it had a built in DVD player.The console has had two versions,the original "fat" model,and the slimmer,more smaller "slim" model.

The PS2 was so popular Sony was still producing Playstation 2's until January 4th,2013.That's 13 years!

PS2 games are playable using backwards capablitity on the Playstation 3,along with Sony Playstation 1 games on some models.

Both models of the PS2.

Final Fantasy GamesEdit

Final Fantasy 7:Dirge of Cerberus

Final Fantasy 10

Final Fantasy 11:Online

Final Fantasy 12

Final Fantasy 10-2

Final Fantasy X/X-2 Ultimate Box